Debbie & Flake says:
I have known Kim for over 40 years and she is completly mad about Dogs, I can't remember Kim not being surrounded by dogs in her world, they will always be the most important part of her life. I even remember her training the neighbourhood dogs and getting them to speak to her. She seems to understand them and they know it, the respect is amazing. I would not send my dog anywhere else while I am on holiday, as I know he will have the best home from home experience and much more.
Jacqui & Dolly says:

Dolly was 12 months old when we got her, a rescue dog, frightened of men, not house trained, never been walked, never been on a lead and quite unloved, the information we had been given at the time of aquiring her about her past did not seam to ring true.

I spoke to Kim about her and asked her advice, she came round to see Dolly in her own environment, when we took Dolly out on a lead she just spun round and round and darted from one side to another.

Kim had seen enough and offered to have her for a few weeks. We jumped at the chance. After 2 weeks I went for a walk with Kim, Dolly and 3 of Kims dogs, it was amazing to see such a confident, happy dog in such a short space of time. There was still a long way to go but the difference was already showing.

After approximately 5 weeks of intensive training, Dolly has become a confident, house trained and a delight to take out for a walk. She still needs some coaching expecially around men and has some hickhups, but she is still a young dog and Kim has given us some homework to do to continue with the good work.

I highly recommend Kim, she is loving, kind and firm with the dogs and will do her very best for each animal she comes across.

Sue Mould says:
Kim came along to support our efforts to train Monty, our cockerpoo puppy. We'd begun to attend classes, but the beauty of Kim's training is that it's based on observations and discussions in Monty's own environment. We learned so much, as did Monty, and like any puppy training, provided you put in the time to consistently embed Kim's key tips following the training, you'll quickly see the benefits. I'm particularly grateful to Kim for taking on the challenge of adapting her expertise so that I could train Monty to successfully cope with my wheelchair. Together we took Monty out for a training walk, with Kim constantly guiding and supporting me. It even included an impromptu, fun filled first swim for Monty on a quickly conjured up training lead! Kim's passion for her work constantly shines through. She never appears frustrated, (there were times when she had every right to) or short of time which worked for me! Thank you so much Kim.
Brett & Lowri says:
Wonderful service from Kim! Trained my untrainable collie to heal and walk tidy on the lead in just a couple of days! Looked after him for a week and completely changed his crazy personality! I now have a relaxed, and loving little doggo! THANKS KIM! 10 out of 10!
Christine chell says:
Where can I begin to thank you for all your first class hard work looking and caring after first Willo and Cooper and now following their very sad demise last year our two lovely young dogs Ruby and Kai . Following the death of Willo from cancer, Cooper who was nearly 14 became seriously ill , which is always a distressing time for any dog lovers. At the same time we had to go away and you very kindly and heroically took him in, but sadly his condition deteriorated and you took him to our vet. The prognosis was bad and we were out of the country, but while at the vets you telephoned us so we were able to make choices that were very hard, but with your support and kindness we moved forward and very sadly Cooper had to be put to sleep and passed away in your loving arms. No amount of thanks can repay for everything you did and continue to do.